Suvah Entertainment: New Music Force

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Suvah Entertainment: New Music Force
Suvah Entertainment is a music collective bringing us new music each month for free! With so much to offer, we caught up with the camp to learn more about their vibe. Check out our exclusive interview here.
by Zaynah Rashid

It is one thing to be giving out free downloads which consist of remixes and mash-ups, it's a whole different situation when an artist drops original music in a timely manner and for free! Suvah Entertainment caught our eye as they are doing the latter. Each month Suvah shares a new song with the world to invite them on their musical journey and it's a unique one which has us wanting more!

Suvah Entertainment consists of Brainstorm, Apt E and Musafir. These guys took the time out to talk to us about their music and their plans. To kick things off, Brainstorm describes the group as, "Always down to have good times, love life to the fullest, strive to be better, and know you only got one shot!" Diving deeper, the group describes their sound as, "Everything from Punjabi, Hip-Hop, Pop, to Bollywood can be found in our songs. We are all incredibly passionate about music and have been performing for years. In the last few months we had the opportunity to perform at a handful events including 'Match Made in Heaven' a benefit for CureSonia this past June. We also performed at 'Straight Outta Chandigarh' presented by one of LA's hottest Dj's Dj Sukh, and 'Indian Summer' by Blue13 Dance Company." Already conquering the circuit with their music, we wanted to take it back a step.

Who inspires these guys? "We all have quite an eclectic taste in music but I think if we each had to pick a favorite it would be..." they begin before Musafir answers, "Mere Mehboob by Kishore Kumar; Sahir Ludhianvi and Shir Kumar Batalvi as writers." Apt E reveals, "Part Time Lover by Stevie Wonder" while Brainstorm says, "Jagjit Singh, Myself, DMX, Nas, Mos Def, Wiz, Kanye, Method Man, and Jay-Z." Eclectic truly is the best word for their inspirations!

Critics and fans are always quick to judge a group and find what makes them unique, but what the actual artists have to say is always fun to know. Suvah was ready to explain what sets them apart, but before the emotional answers, Brainstorm simply says, "If you meet us then you will know!" As we each wait for our encounter with Suvah, Apt E explains, "I think a few things set us apart on the music scene. I think the most important one would have to be the fact we all have very strong character traits that we bring out in our music." Musafir takes it a step further commenting, "We like to call the glue because he is kind of the calming force behind all of us. Ironically he is also our music genius and without the music behind the words we would be all falling apart. Then there's Brainstorm who in a lot of ways is exactly like his name. He gets in his own head causes a ruckus up in there and produces amazing rap lyrics that add so much depth and personality to our songs. I'm the lead artist and lyricist for the group. Our manager Reshma Dhawan, tends to call me the baby of the group or "her little star" which is actually really annoying sometimes but it's nice to know she believes in me and the rest of us that much. I feel like together the dynamic is very strong and we all work together to bring out the best in each other musically."

Suvah Entertainment is a full team with great dynamics, Brainstorm is confident in the free downloads. "What's that quote?," he asks before saying, "...something like music is a language that everyone can understand? Well everyone understands the word free. There comes a time in life when you realize what are you going to do keeping, hugging, hiding your music in your house on your computer until you hit it BIG lol, no give it out, let everyone know and love what you love. We hope everyone likes what we have in the pipeline!"

Free downloads available each week at Suvah Entertainment's website (, there is no slowing down for this group. When asked what's next, the group says, with ease, "Everything...we are hungry yet humble. We want to do more shows and promote our music, and spread the sound of Suvah by working with other people who are as passionate as we are across the North America, the UK and India. We are taking over the world, one song at a time. We have started to get some good feedback from the UK so that is always good. Credit goes to our manager Reshma, who is doing a fantastic job to make sure our voices are heard. Suvah will be also shooting a video soon for "Desi da Peg" along with our monthly downloads at our website and Facebook pages."