Coming out straight from the 818. Musafir started singing very early in his life, started his school in Ludhiana and after moving to U.S. singing took a back seat. However, Musafir never stopped writing. From Gazals, Shayari to full tracks in Punjabi and Hindi, Musafir kept on writing. From what started as a lunch time entertainment with a couple of friends, Shayari became a passion.

It all started with the simple lyrics of the first track Rahey Jaande and with the help of Aman Singh, Musafir Ludhianvi started his music career. It added fuel to the fire with the introduction of Brainstom a.k.a Vivek Malhotra. With Musafir's hardcore Punjabi and Brain's off the street Hip Hop a new sound was formed.

Today Musafir is trying to make a mark in the USA with his voice and the help of other talented musicians, such as Amit Apte, Ravi Singh. Musafir, the lyricist, has promised his audience with nothing less than the best in music and a lyrical melody in every track.

Also a cricket enthusiast, Abhemanyu Rajp, played in Ludhiana for the district U-14 & U-16. Even in USA, he has managed to regularly played cricket ever since he landed in USA in 2000. He has vice captained the USA U-19 national team to the U-19 World Cup in Sri Lanka 2006, and has also been a member of the United Sates National Men's Team. Abhimanyu Rajp, A.K.A Musafir, has won various awards for his cricketing ability and performance on the international/domestic circuit. For more information on Abhemanyu's cricket abilities you can also type his name on Google and visit various pages about him and his performances.

Life: "Life is destined but there are several ways to get to your destiny and its left up to you to decide what path you would choose for this journey". I believe that Simplicity is the best way to do anything. Stick to the basics: Rebel by Nature, Never make plans for tomorrow, always stick to Now, always do what you want to do, have no regrets & no Grudges- Forgive and Forget Cuz you Neva Know Kal Ho Na Ho !!!